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Here's what we are asking Appalachian's leaders (feel free to use this as a template to express your concerns)as well as a list of contacts.

Dear Appalachian Leader,

As the Appalachian community discusses recent activity on campus, I am reaching out for more information.

Given the recent events at Appalachian, what is Chancellor Everts' vision for Appalachian State University?  What is the Board of Trustees' vision?

Do you believe this vision aligns with the Appalachian community’s vision and culture?

How will this vision be shared with the Appalachian community?

Thank you for your time.

With Appalachian Pride,


Find a list of leaders to contact here:

Appalachian’s Board of Trustees
1.    Bradley Adcock, Chair (
2.    George Baldwin (
3.    M. Lee Barnes (
4.    James Barnes (
5.    Donald Beaver (
6.    John Blackburn (
7.    Susan Branch (
8.    Robert Hatley (
9.    Charles Murray (
10.   Alice Roess (
11.    Kenan Smith (
12.    Carole Wilson (
13.    Jalyn Howard, Student Body President 2016-2017 (
14.    Carolyn Clark, Alumni Council Chair 2016-2017 (
15.    Paul Gates, Faculty Senate Chair (
16.    Jason Marshburn, Staff Senate Chair (

UNC System
1.    Margaret Spellings, President (

Appalachian State University Chancellor
1.    Dr. Sheri N. Everts, Chancellor (