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"During my Sr year, I had a concern and I took it all the way to Chancellor Wey's Office. He welcomed me in, listened,and referred to the person I needed to see. He could have not seen me but he did. I always appreciated that. The person he sent me to see was Dr.Thomas who helped me, and later became Chancellor himself. This is the legacy I would like to see continued at App."

-Tim B. (Alumnus)

"I think we can all agree that Appalachian State is a special place. I really grew up there, learning many valuable skills which have prepared me for the life I'm living now. I attribute my positive experience to the outstanding community - a community which has been cultivated by the many faculty and staff that have dedicated their lives to the work of student development. It's safe to say that I wouldn't be the same if I had finished my undergraduate career at any other institution."

"To me, 'The Appalachian Way,' is so much more than a slogan; it's a way of life. There is purpose and promise in 'The Appalachian Way.' It's a path to purpose that evokes excellence, displays consistency, celebrates victories, challenges defeats, and demands integrity. The culture of high honor that is present on campus is attributable to one thing - The Appalachian Way!"

"Sometimes, in life, our paths are vague and inconsistent and our trajectories are unclear. Every day, in Boone, those who are committed to 'The Appalachian Way' are striving to clarify and widen the path for thousands of students. The time is now to trust in and lean on 'The Appalachian Way,' not to deviate from it. Let's stand together for the atmosphere and expectations that led many of us forward! Let's stand together for 'The Appalachian Way!'"

-Laura B. (Class of 2010)

"I remember when I was a student at Appalachian, one of the most important things to me was the access to my administration. I remember not only being able to walk up to the chancellor's office without any issues and sometimes even to see Chancellor Peacock in between his very important schedule, but I remember seeing him walk around campus with my friends! He was always so willing to stop for a picture and to talk for a quick second about what I think about Appalachian, good or bad. It made me feel like someone who had real input, even if I knew my voice was only one of the 15,000 others on campus. It was a unique experience that I would share with my friends at other UNC system schools who had NEVER been able to experience feeling so appreciated and valued as a community member."

-Jake C. (Class of 2013)

"The Appalachian Way means that as an alumna, retired employee, and donor, I have a responsibility to pay attention, ask questions, and engage with members of the Appalachian community. We are all stewards of this institution and I will not take that role lightly."

-Joni P. ( Class of 1978 and 1987, Former Staff)

"I came to Appalachian as a freshman in 2009, enthusiastic and expectant for the adventure of a lifetime. The following four years were the most transformative of my life, and Boone truly became home."

"Without a doubt, one of the most impactful components of my college career was the opportunity I had to develop real relationships with university administrators. Over four years as a Student Ambassador, Resident Assistant, Plemmons Fellow, and Student Development employee, I witnessed firsthand the genuine love and interest that individuals such as Chancellor Peacock, Cindy Wallace, JJ Brown, and others had for the student body. Though it is impossible and unrealistic for faculty and staff to develop relationships with each and every student, I was so encouraged to see these leaders out and about on campus - participating in student events, taking pictures with students at football games, and wholeheartedly devoting themselves to the well-being of our great university. Never once did I feel overlooked or unworthy of their attention and support through challenges and times of celebration. This, to me, defines The Appalachian Way - a distinct unity, trust, and respect among students and administrators."

"The administrators have incredible influence over campus culture, and it is disappointing to see the lack of transparency in recent decisions with no explanation of the reasoning behind these decisions despite outcry from students and alumni. The Appalachian family deserves leadership that is willing to build mutual trust and respect with students, alumni, and donors through transparency, clarity, and accountability."

-Madisson R. (Class of 2013)

"ONE thing that comes to mind when i think of the Appalachian Way.....

"Classes are in session, students are everywhere on campus, temperatures are in the 70's, and sunshine is abundant. Life is good at Appalachian! It truly is great to be a Mountaineer!" 

Having a Chancellor that says that and is quoted in the school paper on the first day of classes, is one example of The Appalachian Way."

-Michael B. (Class of 2008, Former Staff)

"I grew up in a poor family in Alexander County with few resources for college. Appalachian State Teachers College welcomed me and became home to me. This university provided opportunities beyond my expectation, helping me to reach levels of achievement I had not thought possible. I graduated in 1958, taught in North Carolina for one year, and left NC for 14 years. I earned a PhD and came with my husband to become faculty members at ASU. I established a scholarship in my name and have contributed to that fund every month since. I retired in 2007 and continue to consider ASU my home and my family! 

I knew Cindy Wallace well and consider her to be a fine professional! I was disturbed when I learned that she had been fired without any explanation. I cannot believe that Cindy would ever do anything to deserve to be fired!"

-Glenda H (Class of 1958, Former Faculty)

"Great leaders rise to the occasion during crises. Trusting staff, affirming staff, valuing staff and facilitating healing doesn't happen without intentional efforts to restore confidence during tough times. Appalachian is at a crossroads with a bright future if courageous steps are taken now. That includes admitting mistakes in order to begin to restore trust in the leadership of the University."

-Dave R (Former Staff)

"Really wanting to see transparency in our ASU leadership."

-Allison R (Alumna)

"The Appalachian Way is that special reason you chose Appalachian State above all other institutions on your list. It is the way our campus hugs you, both the charming mountain community and the special faculty, staff, alumni and students. The Appalachian Way is why you stay, persist, and succeed as a Mountaineer. It is hard to define something that is so engrained in the rich narratives of all current students and alumni, but I believe The Appalachian Way starts with an open, honest, inclusive, transparent, and warm community - which must be modeled from the top down."

-Elliott K. (Class of 2011)